Taking up a new hobby – why not pottery?

If you are one of those people who made a New Year’s resolution to take up a new hobby but haven’t even started looking yet, maybe we can help. If you would like to make something with your hands but at the same time you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then you should definitely take up pottery.

What makes pottery great?

If you don’t want to invest a lot of time into your new hobby, then pottery might as well be a great choice. It won’t consume a lot of your time and what’s even better – it will really calm you and help you take a small break especially if you are having some stressful days. What’s more, pottery is not expensive and if you are a complete beginner, then you should start with clay. This can be fun, not only for you, but also for your family members. It can be one of those little activities you can all do together.

Take a class or practice at home – what’s a better choice?

If you want to hang out with people who like pottery too, you can always take a beginner’s course and enjoy expanding your circle of friends. However, if you would like this to be your relaxation time, then make sure you have a room for that. You will also need some sturdy table as well as access to water. Before you buy some clay and glazes, you need to do some research or ask a local potter for advice on which would be the best one for you because there are many different clay types and they all depend on maturation temperature. In addition, you might also need towels and sponges as well as brushes for your work.

Once your clay pots dry…

It is completely normal that your clay pots shrink a little so don’t worry if that happens. What you can do after they dry is that you can use some colors and your artistic side and make some wonderful decorations. These clay pots can actually be a unique present to your friends and family members. You can surprise them with your skills and be sure that the more you practice the better you will become.

4 Most Popular Sculptures Around the Globe

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend how the artists from the past could be so precise and innovative. They left behind some incredible legacies and sculptures, that’s admired by millions of people. Not having a clue that they will shape eras with their art and immortalize their names, they created something out of this world. Here are some of the most popular sculpture in the world:

Statue of David

This might be the world’s most famous sculpture – David by Michelangelo. It resides in Accademia Gallery, Florence, Italy and it is one of the greatest art works from the Renaissance period. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni who created this wonder, was an Italian sculptor, poet, painter and architect. He gave us much to admire.

Venus De Milo

This ancient Greek sculpture is known worldwide and it is believed to be the work of Alexandros of Antioch. It was created approximately a thousand years BC and, by some, it is believed to depict Aphrodite while others claim that it depicts another Greek Goddess – Amphitrite. This sculpture is made out of marble and it is currently located in Louvre, Paris France.

The Thinker

François Auguste René Rodin, or simply Auguste Rodin, was a French sculptor who created The Thinker. One cannot forget his name when we are talking about the modern sculpture. This bronze sculpture, cast in 1904, is one of Rodin’s most famous works. Even though he had a very traditional approach in sculpting, his works were so unique and complex that we consider them to be priceless today. This sculpture is located in the garden of Rodin Museum in Paris.

Statue Of Liberty

It is a known fact that Statue Of Liberty is one of the first associations with the USA. Designed by the great Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in 1886 and created by Gustave Eiffel, this statue is located on Liberty Island on Manhattan in New York. Made out of copper, the Statue Of Liberty depicts a Roman Goddess Libertas who is carrying a torch in one hand and a tablet with the U.S. Declaration of Independence in the other.

If you ever wondered which are the most popular sculptures around the world, now you know. With so many beautiful and meaningful sculptures on this planet, you can learn a few important information of some of them and continue learning about art.

Art on the Go

France Outdoors

In my search for art, I have taken roads that lead nowhere and have found some of the most artistic abilities compiled in those streets that have no name. Lost in oblivion, some of the most beautiful artists reside in villages where the scope for achieving fame and popularity is next to zero. I have been on road trips through various cities in different countries and I have met some established painters and writers but there is something mysteriously beautiful about painters and writers who have never sold their work but have done more artistic work than you can imagine.

Traveling through France gave me a look into the kind of culture the country has and the kind of personality the French are dressed up in.

Traveling through India made me realize that art is the soul of humanity. My journeys have often left me pondering on the wonderment called life and the beautiful world of art. Art in various forms keeps bumping into me when I am on the road. If you have a passion for art, make sure that you travel around the country in search of the most artistic thing ever.

I like to rent a SUV and travel around from cities to cities. I make stops at motels or cheap bed and breakfasts but there is nothing better than setting up your own tent in a remote area and make your own fire to accompany you. This way I save a lot of money and my major expenditure is only that of fuel. Throughout the year I make sure that I save enough money to make a small trip spanning over a couple of months in a country that fits my budget.

SUV Bike Rack

If you like adventure, simply buy one of those hitch bike racks  and mount it on your car through the journey to help you make camps in places where you share the sky with silence of the nature. However before you kick start your journey, make sure that you do some research in order to know more about the country and the places you would be visiting. Look for rental costs for an SUV and make a list of accessories that you would need like a bike rack for SUV. Once you are done with the research, calculate the total cost of the journey and if it falls in place, go ahead and look for artists in the country you would want to meet. With a good plan in place, you can set out for the perfect piece of art.

Image Source: Rack Maven – The Best Bike Racks

Relaxing Is A Priority For Hard Working Artists

Artwork takes a lot of time and sitting or standing in one position, takes a toll on ones body. You get so caught up in your work that you do not realize it is time for a break. When you finally decide it is time to call it a day, your body is already too strained and you feel it the next morning when you wake up. One way you can get rid of the stress and strain of your muscles is to invest in a massage chair. This way you can unwind and relax before you go to bed, taking away the tension in you back, neck and muscles.

Looking At Your Own Massage Chair

panasonic-30007-massage-chair-recline_1Looking into massage chairs may not only prove to be good for your stress levels, but for your body as well. Contemporary lifestyles dictate that a huge percentage of people spend most of their working day seated. Sitting in a chair for this length of time puts strain on many muscle groups, as well as creating physical tensions that can have negative effects on your body in the long term. This style of working and living promotes bad posture and may lead to many aches and pains that might only show themselves later in your life. Investing in one of the best massage chairs available will definitely aid in alleviating this problem. However, you do not have to break the bank to ensure your physical and mental well-being. There are some affordable massage chairs available that not only does the job you require them to, but also ensure that you do not add extra stress to your life by spending a lot of money on expensive gadgets. There are amazing innovations being made in this field, allowing for products that are lightweight and not nearly as cumbersome as their predecessors. Massage chairs may just be your ticket to controlling the impact that modern living has on your body and mind.

The Costs And Benefits

If you cannot afford to buy a new massage chair, why not look at getting a used chair. There are many available websites offering you very affordable deals. You are also likely to find massage chairs on offer that are close to supreme out-of-the-box condition, at far more affordable rates.

Having a massage chair is really something that can benefit you, especially if you are having body aches, muscle tension etc. Going to a spa every time you need to de-stress can become very expensive and you might not always have the time. With you having your own massage chair you can help your muscles relax, enabling you to get up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for creating your masterpieces.

Future Prevention

Also remember, prevention is better than cure. If your lifestyle is contributing toward your aches and pains, try making small changes to prevent future pain. It could be something simple such as using an ergonomic chair while sitting at your desk or a quality backpack. With the surge those see-through backpacks being used in schools these days – we’re more likely to see an increase in the number of children complaining of back pain as these backpacks are not comfortable to wear – particularly when filled with heavy books!

Setting Up an Outdoor Pottery Studio

Outside Sudio

I’ve been doing pottery for many years bow and I absolutely love my studio. It’s a relatively small space, not quite the size of a single garage but over the years I’ve set it up exactly the way I want it. I know where everything is, the layout works great and I can lay my hand on whatever I’m looking for in no time even though it’s quite an organized mess in there most of the time!
Outside Sudio
Recently I’ve been thinking and I realize I take most of my pottery inspiration from nature. Sometimes from rocks I see, waves or lines on the horizon or the texture of trees. So, I decided to set up an alternative studio outside my house. i say alternative as I wasn’t quite prepared to give up my primary space indoors as our winters are pretty cold an wet. Here are a few lessons I learned from this project.

First, select a good spot – It’s pretty crucial that you think through where your studio will be before you start carrying out table and setting up shelves. It may not seem important at first but taking into consideration things like the common wind direction in your area, the amount of direct sun that will hit the studio – you may want more, you may want less depending on how hot it gets where you are – is pretty crucial.


Exposure to the elements may impact the actual amount of time of spend in your outdoor studio and how enjoyable the experience is in the end.

For me, another large factor in selecting a location was what I could see from the studio. Like I said, I’m inspired by nature and picked a spot under a large oak tree where I could hear the leaves, see the dappled sun and simple experience the wonder of this majestic old giant while running the clay through my fingers.


Secondly, you have to be able to actually be productive there, so find a spot that’s not so remote, removed from everything or simply impractical that while you may have fun going there, you don’t actually get much done. If you plan to use a turning wheel or move and oven then bear in mind you’ll need access to electricity. You’ll also need access to running water, and make sure there’s enough room for you to set up work areas to spread your art around. Also, make sure that the final structure – if you do set up – is sufficiently protected that you can leave some of your tools, clay, glazes and other stuff there so you don’t need to haul them back and forth every time you decide to spend an afternoon or morning in the garden studio.


Finally, bring some of the things you love, some of the things that inspire you with you. If like me, you’re a person who enjoys listening to music while working then set yourself up so you can listen to your playlist in the studio. I simply got myself some good headphones and play my music from my phone or tablet. I don’t function well without the company of Luciano Pavarotti! Bring some of your favorite pottery pieces from inside and place them around the studio. Bring a plant, painting, books or that old chair – whatever you love surrounding yourself with and whatever gets your creative juices flowing.


Setting up an outdoor studio has been an interesting but rewarding experience to me. I love my new space and I love the fact that I now have the option to work either in or outdoors, depending on the weather and my mood. If you’re so inclined, give it a go, it could live your creativity to new heights!

Steel Shelving For Your Studio

Along with remodeling my studio, I decided to install some more shelving. For my love of my sculpting and pottery pieces, I needed some extra place to store them and steel shelving came up as the best option.


The one thing about steel shelving systems is that you can do so many things with them. They will never look out of place no matter where you put them and they just cannot break a picture you are trying to create in your studio. You will be able to use steel shelving anywhere in the home – for your art work, plants, books, photos or even just that little extra space you need. Steel shelving is economical and simple, and if you want to modernize the shelves in your home, there is no better way to do so with steel if you cannot afford wooden shelves. Depending what you are looking for, you will find that many of these shelves that are available comes powder coated and sometimes other will have a coat of paint to protect your valuables and other materials from damage.



Benefits Of Steel Shelves


These shelves are treated so that it does not rust. This means that it will last you very long compared to other metals. For those that are interested; it is versatile and you will be able to adjust this on almost every level, enabling you to adjust it he height to anything you need. Steel shelving is also much stronger than traditional wood shelving and can’t handle most home and office stresses. I recently replaced my wood shelving with steel shelving after it was nearly destroyed by my toddler constantly hitting the edges with one of his new balance bikes.


Steel shelving can also be custom made, for example replace the wooden shelves with glass ones to break it away from that warehouse, office look. However, be prepared to pay a bit extra for your design.


These two materials have been used together in shelving for many years simply for what it is able to represent. This shelving can also be mounted to walls if you do not want it to be free standing. Free standing units can be moved around easily and it also makes redecorating easy.


You will normally find steel shelving systems in offices and warehouses, but can be a great look in many home garages, art studios etc. when tools and other equipment are stored. These shelves are wall mounted to prevent heavy things from pulling the shelves down.


Different Units


Steel shelving can also be ordered as a closed-back unit, which can be ideal for the bedroom, while the open-back shelves for studio, office or garage use. This shelving will last you many years compared to wood and melamine materials. Make sure that you find the best price when looking for your steel shelving systems by comparing different manufacturers and their units.

How To Install Hardwood Flooring In Your Studio

An art studio is where an artist spends most of his or her time. The studio should be comfortable, well lit and decorated in a manner that can inspire you. Being in a cold, white shell of a studio makes for no inspiration and can prevent you to enjoy your artwork. Remodeling your studio can solve this problem in an instant. An example of remodeling your studio is to redo the floors. Installing hard wood floors is a great option and will improve the overall look of your studio, which is the ultimate goal in the end.

Guide To Install These Floors


For those who want to save on the installation fees that they would pay a contractor, you can use this step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1

The first step is to select the board widths and the hardwood species, such as beech, maple, oak or walnut. And before you can order the hardwood planks, you will need to measure the area of the room. It is advisable to place an order for hardwood boards with a total area of 110 to 115 percent of your calculated room area. This will provide some allowance for any errors in cutting and any irregular planks. Those who want to save further can look for discount hardwood flooring. And before you can install hardwood flooring, it is vital to check the sub-floor for squeaks and to place vapor barrier paper on the sub-floor.

Step 2

It is important to make sure the sub-floor is at lease three-fourths of an inch and that there are no squeaks. If you do find a squeak, the remedy is to use a drywall screw to join the joist and sub-floor in that area. Next, roll out the vapor barrier paper strips and staple them to the sub-floor. After this, make sure that you have all of the tools required and you can begin to install hardwood flooring. Remember to provide a clearance of three-eighths inch from the baseboard so that there is room for expansion when the air is hot and humid.

Step 3

When installing wood floors, start by choosing a long plank for the first row. Make sure that you will be laying the first planks perpendicular to the joists below. After the installation of the first few rows, you will have to drill pilot holes through the tongue of each board. You should hand nail the rolls until there is sufficient space for the nail gun. You will then use the nail gun to staple the tongue of the hardwood board. After the last board has been installed, if there is a narrow gap, measure it and rip the final board to fit it in. Place wood putty on all of the nail holes while making sure the color of the putty is compatible with the floor.

Step 4

After the installation of the hardwood planks, it is time for sanding hardwood floors. You may need to utilize a window fan to eliminate most of the dust that the sander is unable to get into the dust bags. Remember to use an edge sander to take care of the portion that is close to the wall. Make sure that the sanding direction is consistent. A vital guideline to follow when you want to install hardwood flooring is to ensure that when you are blind-nailing not to use a hammer to drive the nails until it is flush with the floor. Instead, the head of the nail must be left projecting by about 1/8 inch. You will then place a nail set sideways over the the top of the nail and then tap the nail set with the hammer to drive the nail.

Tips On Cleaning Hardwood Floors

This article presents tips on cleaning hardwood floors. Caring for floors made from wood is easy and with the proper care and maintenance, you may continue to enjoy its natural beauty. First of all, it is advisable to clean water spills right away because water is one of the worst enemies of wood floors. And whether you are cleaning solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring the strategies are basically the same because the thin top layer of engineered flooring is made from real hardwood. The basic tool for cleaning hardwood floors is a terrycloth mop that is equipped with rotating head.

Removing Tough Stains And Spills

hardwood_entryWhen removing tough spills and stains, it is advisable to spray a cleaning product that is specially formulated for wood floors. However, you may also use a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. The correct proportion is a gallon of water to a half cup of white vinegar. You can apply the solution using a mop while focusing on those areas that seem to be dirty. However, avoid soaking the floor with water by putting too much on the mop. You may also need to dry the area with a dry towel or mop.

Time For Sanding

However, if there is too much wear, cleaning hardwood floors may no longer be sufficient. Sanding hardwood floors may be necessary. Refinishing hardwood floor will be the next step after sanding to ensure that the luster and shine will return. However, sanding and refinishing should only be done if screening and recoating with urethane are not able to return the hardwood floor to its former glory. If the damage is confined to a small area, it may be advisable to simply replace the planks in that area instead of repairing the whole area.

Preventing Allergies

Meanwhile, if some members of your household have allergies, it is important to know how to steam clean hardwood floors to remove allergens. A portable steam cleaner that is specifically designed for hardwood floors is recommended. This will deodorize and sanitize the surfaces without the use of detergents and other chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. The steam cleaner will be able to kill dust mites, remove grease, mold, mildew and dirt. You may also use this steam cleaner on beddings, bathrooms, fabrics, carpets, mirrors, linoleum, windows, ovens, grills, and tiles. However, before you start steam cleaning, you should take care to sweep away dust and grit. And if there are worn spots on the floor where the seal has been broken, using the steam cleaner on these spots is not recommended.

After cleaning hardwood floors it is also important to protect the finish of the floors to minimize damage to the surfaces. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided as this could cause the wood to darken or fade. You can rotate area rugs to ensure equal exposure of the various areas. It is also prudent to trim the nails of your pets and to avoid using stiletto heels as these could cause dents on the floor surface. Also, protectors can be used on the legs of tables and other furniture to prevent them from scratching the floor.

Looking Into Floor Heating Systems For Your Studio

I am not one for the cold, especially when it comes to those winter months and I am working in my studio. It sometimes gets to a point where I cannot feel my fingers or hands any more preventing me to work. Since then, I have decided to turn up the heat in my studio, installing a floor heating system. This way it keeps my studio nice and cosy and I can work comfortably. I first read up on some of these systems to find the right one.

Considering Floor Heating?

When considering how floor heating is installed, it is done by installing a heat source under sub flooring in a home, studio and other buildings. This creates radiant heat that warms up a room from the ground up. When comparing this to traditional heating appliances that heats up a room unevenly sending the heat to the ceiling where it cools and drops, floor heating systems heats up the floor and then the entire room.

Comparing Cost And Quality

Floor heaters can save the average home around 40 percent on energy costs and this can very easily be compared to what you would normally pay when using traditional heaters and other forced-air systems. This is because floor heaters keep the heat where you want it most. There are many floor heaters that are more efficient than other floor heaters. Some take time and more energy than others before they work. That is why it is important to do your research before purchasing your floor heater. It is always wise to read reviews left by customers that have purchased a specific floor heater and see what they had to say about how the product worked for them. From here, you will be able to know exactly if you are buying a product that will benefit you and save you on energy costs.design-home-heating-systemfloor-heating-systems-under-tile--2----floor-heating-systems-i3iwf1n1

There are three floor heating systems that you should look into before deciding and these are:

  • wood burning
  • hydronic
  • electric

When you choose your floor heater you will have to consider the amount of space you want heated and also how efficiently you want that space heated.

Hydronic System

If you want a floor heater that will heat up your home comfortably, then you will want to consider the hydronic floor heater. The hydronic system uses pipes that are installed under the floor and then uses a boiler to heat the water under the floor. This is a complex system that requires more maintenance compared to other floor heaters.

Going Electric

Next is the electric floor heater, and this is ideal for heating up smaller areas such as the cold floor tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. Since they are great for small areas they will not work out cheaper when using it throughout the home. Although the cost is minimal, this type of floor heating adds to your monthly electric bill and does not reduce it sigificantly. The greatest thing about electric floor heating is that it is easy to maintain and easy to install.

Wood Burning

Lastly, the wood burning floor heater works like the hydronic system but where the hydronic uses the boiler, the wood burning heater uses the wood box to heat the water that then circulates the system. The heat that you garner from the system will depend on the wood box. This is a system that gets rarely used as a heating source.

Any one of these floor heating systems is reasonably priced. So, rather look at how you will use this system and not what it costs.

Electric Floor Heating System

You will definitely want to consider electric floor heat when you have to get out of bed on a cold morning. However, you will not want to when you look outside your bedroom window and see the world outside is blanketed in snow. This makes it very hard for you to peel yourself out of bed and leave behind that warm and cozy down comforter. But, you can feel comfortable in your studio again, which makes it less of an effort.

The Benefits

There is nothing better than getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning and step onto a warm hardwood floor. There is nothing like walking into the bathroom and encountering the warmth of the under tile floor heating. Not only will you feel the warmth under your feet when stepping onto the tiles, but you will feel the warmth once you enter your studio. This is when you can enjoy the benefits of floor heating as it will give you a little extra inspiration for the day.

How It Works

electric-floor-heatingwarmfloorsource---provider-of-electric-radiant-floor-heating-2hznzwnvThe entire process will involve installing heating coils or tubing under the floors in your home. When we talk about electric heaters and other heating appliances, you are not only spending too much money wasting energy, the heat from those appliances rise and this makes it uneven. Floor heating warm everything on the floor and the heat radiates throughout the building. When you think about floor heating you can think about the sun. Just imagine it is a sunny day and you step from the shade-covered ground into the sun. You will instantly feel the heat in your feet even though the temperature in the air is the same. Electric floor heat works the exact same way. The heat in the room is constant and even and forced-air systems cannot compare to it, because the heat from heaters rise, cools at the ceiling and then drops.

Cost Effective And Healthy

Floor heating use low voltage and your monthly costs are slashed by 25 percent. New homes are great candidates for the whole-house floor heating system, but there is no reason why your old home cannot be retrofitted with this system. you will also find that those that live in older homes will only choose to have the heating system installed in single rooms, for example the bathroom and the kitchen. The other reason that makes floor heating better is that people living with allergies will be glad to know that 80 percent of dust mites are eliminated in the air and on the floors.

This should be more than enough reason to consider floor heating in your home. You might even find that with your floor heating installed that you forgot completely that it was snowing outside. If you find yourself trying to save money on unnecessary heating costs each month, with electric floor heat you will save.

Wear A Coverall In Your Art Studio

I get so frustrated when I am working in my art studio, and my clothing does not make it to the end. It gets expensive having to “replace” the contents of my wardrobe every time. So I decided to get creative. I looked for an all purpose coverall to protect my clothing as you never know what can happen in my art studio. Especially when it comes to my sculptures. I did a little bit of research to find the best coverall for the job.

Looking At The Carhart Coverall

When you’re looking for top quality you should look to a Carhart coverall. A strong brand for over 120 years, you get a lot of reputation and excellence when you purchase any pair from their large product line. Nobody is ever disappointed with what they receive, and they can be rest assured that their coveralls will be there in every way when they need them most. Whatever type of coverall you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find an excellent pair that will last you for years.p92276

These coveralls have earned their reputation as being the best of the best through generations of field testing. These aren’t just supposed to hold up excellently to the elements, they in fact really do. With the right pair of these on you, no matter what task you’re doing, it will be made much easier.

The Different Carhart Coverall Features

One reason for this is all of the easy to use features and storage compartments that a typical Carhart coverall comes with. Features like

  • two way knee zippers
  • ankle to waist zippers
  • Tons of pockets
  • carpenter loops
  • snaps
  • locking compartments
  • attachable hoods

and much more all work together to make these extremely versatile no matter what kind of job or piece you’re working on.

A Carhart Coverall Can Withstand Various Elements

Plus, a typical pair of Carhartt coverall is really going to be able to stand up to the elements. They are made in different variations and weights, even kids coveralls, but the top of the line is Extremes made to withstand Arctic temperatures and chills. Your entire body will be protected and you’ll be able to do your work no matter what mother nature throws in your direction. You never know when you might want to paint the Northern Lights first hand in Alaska.

All The Different Styles

You can find some pairs that completely cover your torso and limbs, or you can find bib style or classic overalls. That means you can find something in the perfect weight and style, you’ll always be able to adjust and you’ll never be restricted. Altogether there are about a dozen different styles available, and they fall into a spectrum of prices and functions. There is sure to be a pair for each and every person, and all kinds of tough environments.

The Coverall Durability

Another benefit provided by the Carhartt brand is how durable their coveralls are, especially the cotton coveralls.

  • One pair of these should hold up to the test of time quite well, lasting you ten or maybe even 20 years.
  • You can’t beat that kind of longevity, and that means that you will be able to count on your coveralls no matter what.
  • That will put your mind at ease and will enable you to get your job done.

So whether you’re out on the ranch with a pair of Kevlar gloves or you’re in your studio creating a masterpiece, you know that you can rely upon a Carhart coverall. No matter what you need to accomplish they will be up to the task, and there is a specific model or style that can suit every person’s needs, desires and tastes.

Creating Festivity Art

As an artist you are constantly looking for the perfect setting or scene to paint. You wait for the inspiration to flow through you like never before so you can create your masterpiece. Sometimes you will drive around on a regular day, when suddenly something will catch your attention. Your muse will “speak” to you and you will just know, you have just found the perfect setting or scene to paint.

Christmas Paintings

A great example of finding this random inspiration is during the festivities. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and creates the perfect setting every time. Artists flourish during this time and can create a masterpiece in no time. Christmas lights make a great Christmas setting and with all the different styles and displays, you can create the perfect painting.

christmas_painting (6)

Looking At Christmas Light Displays To Paint

It is well known that the use of Christmas outdoor lighting at the festive season is something that is more of a tradition than anything else. And there are many that follow this and also teach their kids about it, this is what then keeps the tradition alive generation after generation. There are some of the most outrageous Christmas lights displays that are seen. It becomes more of a competition with the neighbors than anything at the end of the day and makes for the perfect painting.

Examples Of The Different Displays

There are many of the more religious folk that decide to make use of the Christmas night lights; these are displays that are on the lawn or in the garden. There is the Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus display that many tend to have in their garden. There are many displays that make use of a compact disc player and Christmas carols, so you will have people humming the different tunes as they pass your home.

Outdoor Lights

When you make use of Christmas outdoor lighting you would want to be sure to create something that is clean and at the same time gives off a magical feel. The white led Christmas tree lights are the best lights to use in this instance as they resemble the cold, twinkly snow around that time. On the other hand if you want to create something that is more festive as well as vibrant, then you would opt for the multi colored lights. These flash quickly and gives off a great ambience. You are able to wrap the lights around shrubs and even your mailbox in order to create an illumination of your yard.

Christmas Tree Paintings

Another great option that makes a Christmas light painting even more perfect, is when blow up figures, like Santa Claus, Reindeers or the Elves are placed on the roof of your home and you can even add a light bulb inside of it in order to light it up at night time. The creation of the festive season does grow with every passing year and just gets more beautiful every time. Christmas tree settings also make great paintings, especially when the lit Christmas tree is outdoors, and the house is in the background. This creates a cosy and homey feeling and brings the warmth of family to the painting and the artist.