Art on the Go

France Outdoors

In my search for art, I have taken roads that lead nowhere and have found some of the most artistic abilities compiled in those streets that have no name. Lost in oblivion, some of the most beautiful artists reside in villages where the scope for achieving fame and popularity is next to zero. I have been on road trips through various cities in different countries and I have met some established painters and writers but there is something mysteriously beautiful about painters and writers who have never sold their work but have done more artistic work than you can imagine.

Traveling through France gave me a look into the kind of culture the country has and the kind of personality the French are dressed up in.

Traveling through India made me realize that art is the soul of humanity. My journeys have often left me pondering on the wonderment called life and the beautiful world of art. Art in various forms keeps bumping into me when I am on the road. If you have a passion for art, make sure that you travel around the country in search of the most artistic thing ever.

I like to rent a SUV and travel around from cities to cities. I make stops at motels or cheap bed and breakfasts but there is nothing better than setting up your own tent in a remote area and make your own fire to accompany you. This way I save a lot of money and my major expenditure is only that of fuel. Throughout the year I make sure that I save enough money to make a small trip spanning over a couple of months in a country that fits my budget.

SUV Bike Rack

If you like adventure, simply buy one of those hitch bike racks  and mount it on your car through the journey to help you make camps in places where you share the sky with silence of the nature. However before you kick start your journey, make sure that you do some research in order to know more about the country and the places you would be visiting. Look for rental costs for an SUV and make a list of accessories that you would need like a bike rack for SUV. Once you are done with the research, calculate the total cost of the journey and if it falls in place, go ahead and look for artists in the country you would want to meet. With a good plan in place, you can set out for the perfect piece of art.

Image Source: Rack Maven – The Best Bike Racks