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Taking up a new hobby – why not pottery?

If you are one of those people who made a New Year’s resolution to take up a new hobby but haven’t even started looking yet, maybe we can help. If you would like to make something with your hands but at the same time you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then you should definitely take up pottery.

4 Most Popular Sculptures Around the Globe

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend how the artists from the past could be so precise and innovative. They left behind some incredible legacies and sculptures, that’s admired by millions of people. Not having a clue that they will shape eras with their art and immortalize their names, they created something out of this world.

Art on the Go

In my search for art, I have taken roads that lead nowhere and have found some of the most artistic abilities compiled in those streets that have no name. Lost in oblivion, some of the most beautiful artists reside in villages where the scope for achieving fame and popularity is next to zero. I have [Continue]

Setting Up an Outdoor Pottery Studio

Outside Sudio

I’ve been doing pottery for many years bow and I absolutely love my studio. It’s a relatively small space, not quite the size of a single garage but over the years I’ve set it up exactly the way I want it. I know where everything is, the layout works great and I can lay my [Continue]

Steel Shelving For Your Studio

Along with remodeling my studio, I decided to install some more shelving. For my love of my sculpting and pottery pieces, I needed some extra place to store them and steel shelving came up as the best option.   The one thing about steel shelving systems is that you can do so many things with [Continue]