Creating Festivity Art

As an artist you are constantly looking for the perfect setting or scene to paint. You wait for the inspiration to flow through you like never before so you can create your masterpiece. Sometimes you will drive around on a regular day, when suddenly something will catch your attention. Your muse will “speak” to you and you will just know, you have just found the perfect setting or scene to paint.

Christmas Paintings

A great example of finding this random inspiration is during the festivities. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year and creates the perfect setting every time. Artists flourish during this time and can create a masterpiece in no time. Christmas lights make a great Christmas setting and with all the different styles and displays, you can create the perfect painting.

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Looking At Christmas Light Displays To Paint

It is well known that the use of Christmas outdoor lighting at the festive season is something that is more of a tradition than anything else. And there are many that follow this and also teach their kids about it, this is what then keeps the tradition alive generation after generation. There are some of the most outrageous Christmas lights displays that are seen. It becomes more of a competition with the neighbors than anything at the end of the day and makes for the perfect painting.

Examples Of The Different Displays

There are many of the more religious folk that decide to make use of the Christmas night lights; these are displays that are on the lawn or in the garden. There is the Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus display that many tend to have in their garden. There are many displays that make use of a compact disc player and Christmas carols, so you will have people humming the different tunes as they pass your home.

Outdoor Lights

When you make use of Christmas outdoor lighting you would want to be sure to create something that is clean and at the same time gives off a magical feel. The white led Christmas tree lights are the best lights to use in this instance as they resemble the cold, twinkly snow around that time. On the other hand if you want to create something that is more festive as well as vibrant, then you would opt for the multi colored lights. These flash quickly and gives off a great ambience. You are able to wrap the lights around shrubs and even your mailbox in order to create an illumination of your yard.

Christmas Tree Paintings

Another great option that makes a Christmas light painting even more perfect, is when blow up figures, like Santa Claus, Reindeers or the Elves are placed on the roof of your home and you can even add a light bulb inside of it in order to light it up at night time. The creation of the festive season does grow with every passing year and just gets more beautiful every time. Christmas tree settings also make great paintings, especially when the lit Christmas tree is outdoors, and the house is in the background. This creates a cosy and homey feeling and brings the warmth of family to the painting and the artist.