Looking Into Floor Heating Systems For Your Studio

I am not one for the cold, especially when it comes to those winter months and I am working in my studio. It sometimes gets to a point where I cannot feel my fingers or hands any more preventing me to work. Since then, I have decided to turn up the heat in my studio, installing a floor heating system. This way it keeps my studio nice and cosy and I can work comfortably. I first read up on some of these systems to find the right one.

Considering Floor Heating?

When considering how floor heating is installed, it is done by installing a heat source under sub flooring in a home, studio and other buildings. This creates radiant heat that warms up a room from the ground up. When comparing this to traditional heating appliances that heats up a room unevenly sending the heat to the ceiling where it cools and drops, floor heating systems heats up the floor and then the entire room.

Comparing Cost And Quality

Floor heaters can save the average home around 40 percent on energy costs and this can very easily be compared to what you would normally pay when using traditional heaters and other forced-air systems. This is because floor heaters keep the heat where you want it most. There are many floor heaters that are more efficient than other floor heaters. Some take time and more energy than others before they work. That is why it is important to do your research before purchasing your floor heater. It is always wise to read reviews left by customers that have purchased a specific floor heater and see what they had to say about how the product worked for them. From here, you will be able to know exactly if you are buying a product that will benefit you and save you on energy costs.design-home-heating-systemfloor-heating-systems-under-tile--2----floor-heating-systems-i3iwf1n1

There are three floor heating systems that you should look into before deciding and these are:

  • wood burning
  • hydronic
  • electric

When you choose your floor heater you will have to consider the amount of space you want heated and also how efficiently you want that space heated.

Hydronic System

If you want a floor heater that will heat up your home comfortably, then you will want to consider the hydronic floor heater. The hydronic system uses pipes that are installed under the floor and then uses a boiler to heat the water under the floor. This is a complex system that requires more maintenance compared to other floor heaters.

Going Electric

Next is the electric floor heater, and this is ideal for heating up smaller areas such as the cold floor tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. Since they are great for small areas they will not work out cheaper when using it throughout the home. Although the cost is minimal, this type of floor heating adds to your monthly electric bill and does not reduce it sigificantly. The greatest thing about electric floor heating is that it is easy to maintain and easy to install.

Wood Burning

Lastly, the wood burning floor heater works like the hydronic system but where the hydronic uses the boiler, the wood burning heater uses the wood box to heat the water that then circulates the system. The heat that you garner from the system will depend on the wood box. This is a system that gets rarely used as a heating source.

Any one of these floor heating systems is reasonably priced. So, rather look at how you will use this system and not what it costs.

Electric Floor Heating System

You will definitely want to consider electric floor heat when you have to get out of bed on a cold morning. However, you will not want to when you look outside your bedroom window and see the world outside is blanketed in snow. This makes it very hard for you to peel yourself out of bed and leave behind that warm and cozy down comforter. But, you can feel comfortable in your studio again, which makes it less of an effort.

The Benefits

There is nothing better than getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning and step onto a warm hardwood floor. There is nothing like walking into the bathroom and encountering the warmth of the under tile floor heating. Not only will you feel the warmth under your feet when stepping onto the tiles, but you will feel the warmth once you enter your studio. This is when you can enjoy the benefits of floor heating as it will give you a little extra inspiration for the day.

How It Works

electric-floor-heatingwarmfloorsource---provider-of-electric-radiant-floor-heating-2hznzwnvThe entire process will involve installing heating coils or tubing under the floors in your home. When we talk about electric heaters and other heating appliances, you are not only spending too much money wasting energy, the heat from those appliances rise and this makes it uneven. Floor heating warm everything on the floor and the heat radiates throughout the building. When you think about floor heating you can think about the sun. Just imagine it is a sunny day and you step from the shade-covered ground into the sun. You will instantly feel the heat in your feet even though the temperature in the air is the same. Electric floor heat works the exact same way. The heat in the room is constant and even and forced-air systems cannot compare to it, because the heat from heaters rise, cools at the ceiling and then drops.

Cost Effective And Healthy

Floor heating use low voltage and your monthly costs are slashed by 25 percent. New homes are great candidates for the whole-house floor heating system, but there is no reason why your old home cannot be retrofitted with this system. you will also find that those that live in older homes will only choose to have the heating system installed in single rooms, for example the bathroom and the kitchen. The other reason that makes floor heating better is that people living with allergies will be glad to know that 80 percent of dust mites are eliminated in the air and on the floors.

This should be more than enough reason to consider floor heating in your home. You might even find that with your floor heating installed that you forgot completely that it was snowing outside. If you find yourself trying to save money on unnecessary heating costs each month, with electric floor heat you will save.