How to Photograph Meals

How to Photograph Meals

Photographing meals may seem pretty simple, but it is actually a lot harder than you might think it would be.  Photographing food requires a great deal of patience, and you also have to use a few tried and few tricks to help make it look great in the photographs.  The good news is that there are a few tips that you can use to help you become better at taking photos of your meals.  Here are a few that you will want to

Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

When you are taking pictures of food, one of the mistakes that people commonly make is using the flash on their camera.  The flash can actually ruin your picture!  This is why it is so important for you to use as much natural light as you can.  Open up the windows, pull up the blinds, and let the light shine in.  This is the best way to not get a glare on your food.

Cook It

Get a nice toaster oven or a microwave to use to heat up meals.   Most food has a better texture to it when it is cooked.  Remember to wash too, as you don’t want to see any dirt on the items.

Pay Attention to the Background

You can’t just take a great picture of your food with an awful background.  You need to focus on what is in the background as well, especially if you want the overall photo to look great.  You should keep the food the focal point of the picture, but make sure that there is nothing in the background that will pull the attention away from it.

Change Up the Angle

Some photographers find that it is a great idea to change up their angle every now and then.  Sure, some dishes may be great photographed from directly above, but others may not have that same effect.  You can play around with the angle until you get the best possible picture.  This is how many of the best photographers do it, and you should too.  Don’t limit yourself to a single angle.

Don’t Have Too Much Negative Space

Finally, you need to make sure that there is not too much negative space in your photo.  That is, you don’t want to leave a whole lot of space that is not the focal point of your picture.  That doesn’t mean that you should zoom in too close to where you can’t really even see what the food is, but you should not just let it be just a tiny portion of the photo as well.  Keep it large, without being too large, and make sure that there isn’t too much space on the page that isn’t important.  This can really just take away from the overall effect of your photos.

Add Some Flair to the Dish

As you can see, photographing meals does require an added touch.  You can’t just assume that you will get the results that you want by just clicking the button on your camera.  You really have to make sure that you focus on getting a quality image, and you can do that if you use these tips.  Give them a try, and you are sure to find them to be effective.

Using Paint for Calligraphy

If you have made the decision to start learning calligraphy you will want to make sure that you are taking your time.  It can be very complicated and it is hard to learn how to perform calligraphy without a great deal of practice.  There are many tips that you can follow to help you learn this type of writing.  If you are just starting out then you will definitely want to read through these tips and try implementing them for yourself. calllig

            First and foremost, you will find that the metal nibs can be very sharp.  Because of that, there are a lot of people that are going to rip the paper the first time that they try calligraphy.  If you do this there is no reason for you to become upset.  It is something that a lot of people do when they first start out.  Try to purchase nibs that are softened and this will help you out.

            Next, if you are using paint for calligraphy you will see that loading the nib can be difficult.  It can be very hard to get the right amount of paint loaded onto your tool.  Therefore, you will want to load the paint onto the nib and then use it to make some letters on a piece of scrap paper before you start working on the project at hand.  Doing so will help you even out the paint that you are using so that your letters will be nice and smooth.

Some people have gone as far as using a small paint sprayer when doing their calligraphy and just blocking off the other parts.  This is an effective way to get the paint onto the paper and making sure it has a nice thick coat.

            Third, do not overdo it with the paint when you are doing calligraphy.  In fact, you are not going to want to put any extra paint on the brush until you absolutely have to.  You will begin to feel the nib pulling and scratching on your paper.  This is when you will need to add more paint to it.

            Always make sure that you are using a very smooth, flat paper.  This is the most effective way to ensure that the nib is not becoming caught in the paper.  It is also a great way to ensure that the paper is not so smooth that the paint is smearing when you are trying to carry out your task.

            Finally, when most people go through with calligraphy they want to move their wrist.  But, what you really need to realize is that you will have a lot more luck making beautiful letters when you move your wrist to make a stroke rather than moving your entire arm.  It could take some time to get use to this but it will be well worth it once you get the hang of it.  Using paint for calligraphy will be a lot neater and more beautiful when you do this.

            Doing calligraphy for the first time can be difficult.  But, if you are willing to keep trying, and use some of these tips you may have some real success.  Using paint for calligraphy can be a wonderful way to dress up any craft or art project you have in mind.  Just remember that practice makes perfect.

Best Art Shops in Chicago

Chicago continues to be one of the best shopping destinations in America, and there are numerous shops to choose, including art shops. Locating the best art supplies can make a massive difference when creating stunning pieces of artwork. You want to find an art shop that not only has everything you need, but also won’t empty your purse completely!art supply Chicago

Everyone is searching for bargains at the moment, and art shops appreciate that artists need to save money on their supplies. Although shopping online has become a popular past time, there is something distinctive about visiting the art shop in person. Reputable art shops in Chicago can be found easily, and will ensure that you can find everything you need.  One thing I love about Chicago is the diversity of the art.  You can find a $30,000 classic painting next to a $15 spray painted painting in the same shop.  It is just a melting pot for art lovers.

Whether you are searching or starter kits, or a specialist style of paint, there is something for everyone in these shops. Buying quality art materials can make an enormous difference to your work, and will allow you to plan your best pieces. Once you find the best art shop, you will return time and time again, to purchase more supplies.

You want to choose an art shop that can provide everything you need from craft kits, easels, canvases and paints to specialist brushes and materials. These shops are also excellent when searching for the ultimate gift ideas for friends and family. The price you pay will often reflect the quality of the product, and if you want cheap, the products are likely to be cheap.

Lake View Art Supply Shop on Lincoln Avenue is considered one of the best as it offers a large array of choice at affordable prices. Regardless of your skill level, you will find that this shop has everything you need. There are classic art supplies and exciting new ranges that you may have never seen before, but want to try on your next piece of art. is another excellent choice and appeals too many people searching for a friendly, family run store with a massive selection of products. Both commercial and individual artists visit this store, and never leave feeling disappointed. Alongside the art supplies, this shop offers many services that you will soon discover are beneficial.

Flax Art and Frame has been operating for over 66 years and ensures that you are offered the best service in Chicago. Although this shop specializes in framing, you will never be disappointed in the level of supplies on offer. If you are searching for the perfect frame for your pieces of art, this is the place to visit.

Blick Art Materials is one of the oldest and largest art shops in the country and has 38 different stores all offering quality and value for money. The extensive collections of materials that are found in the shop are incredible, and will guarantee that you find what you need. Not only is there a massive choice of products, but also items that are considered hard to find.