Steel Shelving For Your Studio

Along with remodeling my studio, I decided to install some more shelving. For my love of my sculpting and pottery pieces, I needed some extra place to store them and steel shelving came up as the best option.


The one thing about steel shelving systems is that you can do so many things with them. They will never look out of place no matter where you put them and they just cannot break a picture you are trying to create in your studio. You will be able to use steel shelving anywhere in the home – for your art work, plants, books, photos or even just that little extra space you need. Steel shelving is economical and simple, and if you want to modernize the shelves in your home, there is no better way to do so with steel if you cannot afford wooden shelves. Depending what you are looking for, you will find that many of these shelves that are available comes powder coated and sometimes other will have a coat of paint to protect your valuables and other materials from damage.



Benefits Of Steel Shelves


These shelves are treated so that it does not rust. This means that it will last you very long compared to other metals. For those that are interested; it is versatile and you will be able to adjust this on almost every level, enabling you to adjust it he height to anything you need. Steel shelving is also much stronger than traditional wood shelving and can’t handle most home and office stresses. I recently replaced my wood shelving with steel shelving after it was nearly destroyed by my toddler constantly hitting the edges with one of his new balance bikes.


Steel shelving can also be custom made, for example replace the wooden shelves with glass ones to break it away from that warehouse, office look. However, be prepared to pay a bit extra for your design.


These two materials have been used together in shelving for many years simply for what it is able to represent. This shelving can also be mounted to walls if you do not want it to be free standing. Free standing units can be moved around easily and it also makes redecorating easy.


You will normally find steel shelving systems in offices and warehouses, but can be a great look in many home garages, art studios etc. when tools and other equipment are stored. These shelves are wall mounted to prevent heavy things from pulling the shelves down.


Different Units


Steel shelving can also be ordered as a closed-back unit, which can be ideal for the bedroom, while the open-back shelves for studio, office or garage use. This shelving will last you many years compared to wood and melamine materials. Make sure that you find the best price when looking for your steel shelving systems by comparing different manufacturers and their units.