Taking up a new hobby – why not pottery?

If you are one of those people who made a New Year’s resolution to take up a new hobby but haven’t even started looking yet, maybe we can help. If you would like to make something with your hands but at the same time you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then you should definitely take up pottery.

What makes pottery great?

If you don’t want to invest a lot of time into your new hobby, then pottery might as well be a great choice. It won’t consume a lot of your time and what’s even better – it will really calm you and help you take a small break especially if you are having some stressful days. What’s more, pottery is not expensive and if you are a complete beginner, then you should start with clay. This can be fun, not only for you, but also for your family members. It can be one of those little activities you can all do together.

Take a class or practice at home – what’s a better choice?

If you want to hang out with people who like pottery too, you can always take a beginner’s course and enjoy expanding your circle of friends. However, if you would like this to be your relaxation time, then make sure you have a room for that. You will also need some sturdy table as well as access to water. Before you buy some clay and glazes, you need to do some research or ask a local potter for advice on which would be the best one for you because there are many different clay types and they all depend on maturation temperature. In addition, you might also need towels and sponges as well as brushes for your work.

Once your clay pots dry…

It is completely normal that your clay pots shrink a little so don’t worry if that happens. What you can do after they dry is that you can use some colors and your artistic side and make some wonderful decorations. These clay pots can actually be a unique present to your friends and family members. You can surprise them with your skills and be sure that the more you practice the better you will become.